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Carhartt - The Hat

One of Carhartt's culturally relevant pieces is its beanie, the Watch Hat in acrylic.

Like other garments and accessories that have become culturally relevant, the Carhartt hat was in its genesis quickly adopted by the working social class, a class that since its foundation in 1889 has identified itself with Carhartt for its offer of products with a close relationship. almost unbeatable price/quality.

Carhartt hats were launched in 1987 with the aim of being easily personalized with company logos and quickly achieved success as a low-cost product that allowed its users to present themselves in the company colors they represented in their professional activities.

But it wasn't until the mid-1990s when American Hip-hop and Skateboarding culture embraced the Carhartt hat, as well as its jackets, that it began its worldwide growth. It can be seen in the minds of many artists like Rihanna and Nas, it is actually in the minds of each one of us that this accessible article by Carhartt has been disseminated and propagated by communities until it is a product that anyone regardless of their subculture, age or bylaws can be seen to use.

The Carhartt Beanie is one of the best gifts for this Christmas under €30, whether for men or women. You can find your Carhartt hat at the Saga Retail Store.

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