The Saga Retail Store is the pilot project of Sagatex Lda. in the universe of multi-brand stores and online commerce.

Sagatex, Comércio e Representações Lda. is a family-based company, founded on April 18, 1974, responsible for importing and distributing several brands of footwear and clothing to Portugal, having been distinguished with the “PME Excelência” Award since 2011.

It has been the distributor of the Fred Perry brand in Portugal since 1977, in a connection that prevails to this day.

Currently, in addition to Fred Perry, it is a distributor of the Carhartt, JOTT, Vespa Footwear and PONY brands and an agent for the Dr. Martens, Hunter and Diadora.

The company is also dedicated to operating the Fred Perry NorteShopping, ArrábidaShopping, Rua Áurea (Lisbon) and El Corte Inglés Gaia/Porto and Lisbon stores, as well as the JOTT store in ArrábidaShopping.

The offer present in the store located at Rua Costa Cabral, 47 in Porto and on the website is made up of original products from the represented brands.

The store was designed to have a combined offer of items from current collections with a selection of items from past collections, acquiring the Premium Discount Store concept.

By restriction of Fred Perry, we are not authorized to sell on the online site, however if you are interested, you can contact us on the social networks Fred Perry Portugal, via Facebook and Instagram to check the possibility of selling to you through the channel called Social Commerce.

Our commitment is the excellence of the service provided, whether in store or online.