Carhartt - Uma força de trabalho

Carhartt - A workforce

Founded by Hamilton Carhartt in 1889, Carhartt is an international brand that represents everything that honest work force still achieves today. A brand that saw its origins in the railways ended up evolving into one of the references in Workwear, Outwear, Streetwear and Casual Wear for men with reference pieces such as Detroit and Active Jackets, denim dungarees and the famous Carhartt hat .

This is one of the brands with direct influence on the way the USA has risen and that Saga Retail Store is pleased to bring to you.

Carhartt Active Jacket at Saga Retail Store

The Duck Active Carhartt Jacket is simply one of the best jackets on the market. Perfect for sheltering you from the weather and accompanying you on a day-to-day basis. Produced with workers in the most demanding jobs in mind, whether outdoor work or jobs that require a lot of wear and tear, the Duck Active Carhartt Jacket is a "heavy" product designed to be durable and very resistant.

This article also has 3M insulation which makes it extremely comfortable and warm.

This jacket is a Carhartt (USA) item that fits loose, so consider ordering a size smaller than you usually wear.

Carhartt Detroit Jacket at Saga Retail Store

The Detroit Duck Coat Carhartt is a top quality coat within the range of coats from Carhartt . It is a "heavier" coat than usual, due to the excellent manufacturing of this item. It is a "rustic" jacket produced to withstand the hard life of workers, especially "outdoor". It is a jacket capable of withstanding intensive use and still maintaining the same quality as the 1st day.

As the Duck Detroit Jacket is an article by carhartt (USA), fits loosely, so consider ordering a size smaller than you usually wear.

Carhartt overalls at Saga Retail Store

Bib overalls with flexible and highly durable fabric, so you can carry out all your activities with the greatest comfort. It has double linings on the front, and several pockets, which allows you to store all the necessary material.

Carhartt Hat at Saga Retail Store

At Saga Retail Store you can find an accessory that has already become part of today's culture, the Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat. Available in multiple colors.

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