Vespa - Um mundo para lá da scooter

Vespa - A world beyond the scooter

We are all familiar with the famous Piaggio Vespa scooter, but there is another, complementary universe linked to this timeless means of transport that focuses especially on your style.

Just like the scooter, Vespa footwear is very utilitarian and, in its choice of materials and construction, pays special attention to quality, precision, elegance, functionality, comfort and usability.

The soft lines of the shoes draw stylistic inspiration from the Vespa design and whether they are used on a T5, PX or even a more modern LX, it is easily noticeable that the shoes belong to the same stylistic universe as the scooters and they combine beautifully. In design, colors and details, each model carries the stylistic elements of the Vespa world.

Keep our suggestions for these cold and rainy days ahead.

Vespa Touring Sneakers at Saga Retail Store

Vespa Touring Sneakers - €49.50

Vespa Freccia Sneakers at Saga Retail Store

Vespa Freccia Sneakers - €52.50

Vespa Rally Shoe at Saga Retail Store

Vespa Rally shoes - €42.50

Vespa New Wave Sneakers at Saga Retail Store

Vespa New Wave Sneakers - €47.50

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